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Sep 27, 2012


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Scott Brodbeck

I just wanted to agree with Jim on this point: "Sokol also seems to come from the school that believes every piece of journalism should take down a public official or have some grander ambition."

Too often I have seen early local news innovation efforts -- whether it's the work of local independent online publishers or larger media organizations -- belittled by fellow journalists because the bulk of our articles are more along the lines of spot news, crime, community events, business openings or short summaries of local government actions. Yes, big investigative or analytical articles are nice and we do publish some of those, but the idea that those are the only acts of local journalism of any value is elitist and wrong.

I look at the Register and the Independent and on both sites I see news that's relevant, interesting and useful for local readers, and I see each outlet running unique articles not reported by the other -- which should be regarded as a positive thing.

My only criticism of the Register is the number of national and international stories appearing above the fold on the homepage and in the main news section. I don't care if it's AP news and it costs nothing to publish it, if you're going to be a local news outlet, focus on local.

Dan Kennedy

Excellent reply, Jim, but I'm curious why you chose to highlight the Register's relationships with C-HIT and CT News Junkie — both of which are much more closely tied to the Independent than the Register. Seemed like that needed some context.

Jim Brady


I was really laying out the Register's accomplishments at that point, not comparing the two sites. I don't want to get into a Register vs. Independent thing. New Haven needs both.

Also, I am neither an expert on the history of those sites nor the broader New Haven media landscape. Wasn't making any veiled reference there. Just wanted to mention that we've cut partnerships with other local sites in the efforts to evolve. I know the Independent is doing the same. That's good for the citizens of New Haven.

Dan Kennedy

I'm very impressed with what Matt DeRienzo is trying to do at the Register.

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