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Feb 23, 2011


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Jim, what a typically classy move. We admired all that you and the TBD team did to throw a stake in the ground and redefine local journalism. This isn't how it should have turned out, but we've all seen it play out before and the song appears to be the same each time.

Keep the intros and resumes coming. There are lots of other companies that need the level of talent you've assembled.

Chris Johnson

Alexis Grant

Nice of you to write this -- I'm sure all of these folks will land on their feet!

Dan Rowinski

Though I fully endorse all of my former colleagues, I will say that Dan Victor is a very astute thinker. He would love to work as a social media evangelist and forward producing thought leader in the space. Jeff Sonderman is a great problem solver and a terrific person. Mandy ... well, Mandy will have no trouble finding a job. Nathasha and Lisa are some of the smartest people I have ever met. This was a great team with great chemistry. A smart employer would scoop them all up together as a unit and unleash them on the new media realm once again.


Thanks for this, Jim. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with you and everyone on the TBD staff in the short time we had. Frankly, I'm intimidated having to compete with these guys for the few open jobs out there!


TBD peeps, we're hiring:


It's all a matter of time. The new models are forming fast, and current skills will be in high demand as the economic framework for perpetuating journalism becomes more evident.

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